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“With Peverett’s approval prior to his death, he encouraged the band to add Charlie Huhn (Ted Nugent, Humble Pie, Victory) to front the band in his absence. Huhn, who has now been with Foghat for 18 years, still often talks about the band from an outsider’s perspective, perhaps paying respect and remembrance to the massive shoes Foghat asked him to fill long ago….”


A great interview with Charlie Huhn on!

Charlie Huhn made his debut as the lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist of the legendary Foghat in the year 2000, and has participated on their studio albums Family Joules (2003), Last Train Home (2010), and Under The Influence (2017).  Foghat has issued a good number of live albums since Huhn’s arrival – this would include their just released Live At The Belly Up magnum opus – a recording that shows just how absolutely mesmerizing and timeless Foghat’s music is within the confines of the legendary Solana Beach, CA establishment.

In addition to his tenure with Foghat, Charlie Huhn has amassed…”



LIVE interview on June 22nd with Charlie Huhn and Roger Earl!

Tune in on Thursday June 22nd at 7:30 PM EST for a cool LIVE interview with Charlie Huhn and Roger Earl on Hard Rock & Sports with Tom Florio!

Thank you! “Riding It Slow With Foghat – It’s Time To Appreciate This Rock Band”

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“Foghat is the band you put on when you are not in the mood for some over-pretentious continental gourmet shit and all you want in life is a simple serving of rajma chawal.”



A very cool interview with Roger Earl on!

A very cool interview with Roger Earl about new music, the tour and living the good life on Long Island! Thank you Thodoris Dimitroulas from for the great interview!