Cool Facebook LIVE interview and Q&A with Charlie Huhn!

Recently Charlie Huhn sat down with Icon: The Podcast for a Facebook LIVE interview and a live Q&A and you can watch PART 1 here! You can also stream their … Continued

Check out this very cool interview with our incredible drum-tech, Mark Petrocelli by Mark Schierholz!

Drummers, that’s what I chose. A lot of people don’t know, with most touring drummers, there is someone who assists them with everything, every show, they are called drum techs. … Continued

A great interview with Roger Earl on

“A mainstay on rock radio for decades, Foghat classics like “Slow Ride,” “What A Shame,” “I Just Want To Make Love To You” and “Fool For The City” remain popular … Continued

A cool interview with Charlie Huhn and Roger Earl from our recent show in Tyler,TX!