A very cool interview with Roger Earl on hit-channel.com!

A very cool interview with Roger Earl about new music, the tour and living the good life on Long Island! Thank you Thodoris Dimitroulas from www.hit-channel.com for the great interview! … Continued

Meet and Greet April 13th in Wilkes Barre PA!

Today April 13th, we are here in Wilkes-Barre, PA for a show at the Woodlands Inn tonight for the Rock 107 Birthday Bash! BUT FIRST we are doing a special … Continued

A cool interview with Roger Earl Reflecting on the Impact CHUCK BERRY Had on Rock ‘N’ Roll

This “MIDWEST BEAT” program originally aired on TUESDAY, MARCH 28, 2017   TOPIC:   Reflecting on the Legacy and Impact of Chuck Berry Musical Guests:  JIM PETERIK (of Ides of March & Survivor), CARL … Continued

Cool Facebook LIVE interview and Q&A with Charlie Huhn!

Recently Charlie Huhn sat down with Icon: The Podcast for a Facebook LIVE interview and a live Q&A and you can watch PART 1 here! You can also stream their … Continued